My Inspiration and My Passion

C.J. Heigelmann-Writer-Author-epic Novelist-Storyteller. Genre: Fiction.

When I set my pen to paper and write a story, I am completely consumed with the passion of my vision. This passion is fueled by a deep sense of empathy and the inspiration which accompanies it. Known as one of the greatest aspects of Love, I have been a willing prisoner of it for the majority of my life, and it has given me the ability to understand my environment, and the beings that I share it with.


It wasn't until adulthood, that I understood the critical importance and transforming power of Empathy, its necessary role in my life, and the impact it manifests in relation to the evolution and progression of the Human race. I Combine this passion with my diverse life experiences, and present the reader with with an intimate and realistic perspective of my literary vision.


Whether reaching the heights of ecstasy, or the depths of brutality, the foundation of my work is built upon honesty. My ego remains locked away during this process, as should the ego of all Artists who voluntarily commit themselves to their work, knowing that truth and the ego are indeed adversaries.


C.J. Heigelmann


About C.J. Heigelmann

C.J. Heigelmann-Novelist of epic Historical Fiction and Romance. Author of, "An Uncommon Folk Rhapsody."
C.J. Heigelmann-Author, epic Novelist, Storyteller of the novel, "An Uncommon Folk Rhapsody."


Strongly influenced by the works of Homer, Hemingway, Tolkien, Twain, Emerson, Alice Walker, and Whitman, C.J. Heigelmann fluently expresses his work through a unique style in the classic form of innocence and eloquence, balanced by raw truth and grit without pretention.


In 2011, he made the decision to write his first novel and embarked on 2 years of historical and cultural research for the foundation of his epic work.


The first of his novels to come, An Uncommon Folk Rhapsody is an example of C.J. Heigelmann’s pursuit of perfecting the “Written Art of Storytelling”, by using strong visuals, emotions and narrations to substitute for the absence of a human “Storyteller.”


His creative passion and impetus derive from his belief that, “Amor Vincit Omnia,” or more simply put, “Love conquers all”.