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An Uncommon Folk Rhapsody

By C.J. Heigelmann

An Uncommon Folk Rhapsody by C.J. Heigelmann

Inspired by true historical events.

A Single Moment Of Pure Love Is Worth A Thousand Lifetimes.
He was an orphan boy from Asia who had big dreams. He left his country and fought a war that wasn't his. In a new country, with new people and a new way of life, the only thing connecting him with his past was his mother's jade amulet.
She was a beautiful young girl from Africa. One day a ship arrived and they captured her village and forced them on a slave boat to the new world. She was way too young and way too fragile to deal with the hardships of slavery. But she survived.
The Things They Did For Love...
10 years later during the American Civil War, he met her by chance and their lives changed forever. It was a feeling they had not encountered before. It was love. A forbidden love that transcended their society and status. It was an all-conquering love. An Asian boy and a slave girl trying to build their dreams from the ashes during the American Civil War.
Love Is The Beacon Of Light In A Dark Life!
In this spine-tingling historical romance story, author and storyteller C.J. Heigelmann will take you on an emotional rollercoaster that will reveal the intricate structures of our 1860s and 1870s society. By following the heart-breaking adventures of two people who are in love in an era of hate, you will see that love is the only power that can bring inner peace and warmth to your heart.
Can True Love Survive?
When all hope seems lost, love can inspire, empower and motivate people to pursue their happiness and overcome any obstacle. C.J. Heigelmann paints a magnificent picture of this dark chapter in the US history by making you a part of the story. Will their love survive? You will have to find out for yourself!
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From the Editor


   Rarely does a manuscript cross my desk that is as moving and powerful as C.J.  Heigelmann’s An Uncommon Folk Rhapsody.  From the onset, the reader is swept into a pulse pounding sea voyage with the fate of a recently orphaned young Asian boy hanging in the balance, wearing a jade amulet, once owned by his beloved mother, now the only link to his past.  His unconventional bond with the ship’s captain transforms this once timid young boy into an admirable young man, and catapults him into life and death situations as he becomes a scout, fighting for the North during the height of the Civil War.

     C.J. weaves an equally powerful parallel storyline as we follow a young girl ripped from her homeland in Africa and forced to endure the horrors and cruelty of a long journey aboard a slave ship set sail for the American shores.  Upon arrival, she is sold into slavery and taken to a plantation in Alabama, where she must find the strength within herself to brave the new world and accept her plight in life.  No longer a free child running through the plains of Africa, she is now considered livestock to do the constant bidding of her Master.  Although, the plantation owner seems kind at first, circumstances brought on during the Civil War harden his heart and the once fair man turns to cruelty and a harsh hand with his slaves. 

     By a chance of fate, the beautiful slave girl encounters the scout from the north and a forbidden romance is sparked.  The two feel an immediate connection to one another, but the prospect of ever being together seems an impossible and dangerous dream to attain.  The star-crossed lovers yearn to be with one another, but the dire circumstances of both of their situations continually prevent this from ever coming into fruition.

     The dream keeps hope alive, until tragedy strikes.  All hope seems lost…  But through their love and their loss, hope springs eternal.  The brilliantly woven canvas upon which C.J. tells his story is heartbreaking and triumphant in the same breath.  Driven to tears one moment and crying out in joy the next, the reader will be forever touched by this eloquent story of love and survival amidst one of the darkest chapters in our nation’s history.  I implore all of you to curl up on the couch with a warm cup of tea or a nice glass of wine, clear your

mind, and escape into An Uncommon Folk Rhapsody. 


 Terrie M. Scott


Terrie M. Scott has been an Editor for over 30 years, with a MFA from the College Conservatory of Music, UC. In 2012, she produced the independent film, “Through A Child’s Eyes,” about domestic violence. Terrie is also a decorated United States Army veteran and an author herself. 


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