The Official Site for Author C.J. Heigelmann, a writer and multi-genre novelist of Contemporary, Literary and Historical fiction.


Heigelmann's style of writing is marked by cultural and social diversity and inclusion. 


His focus on perspective and realism separates him from other mainstream contemporary authors.


Contemporary Literary Fiction

Crooked Fences by C.J. Heigelmann


 An injured Marine returns home to find the war lives on in his head and heart.


The night of the ambush changes everything for US Marine Todd Goodson. One moment, he is discussing tactics with his battle-weary squad in Afghanistan and the next he is waking up alone in a military hospital desperate for news of his friends.


Now returning home, Todd struggles with a deep sense of guilt over his role in the attack and worries that he ultimately led his team astray. On top of his guilt, he’s battling relentless PTSD nightmares and rising tensions with his girlfriend.


To escape his troubles, Todd travels from New York to Tennessee to visit an injured war buddy, eventually taking a job managing a troubled low-income housing community in Nashville. As Todd faces the challenges of his new job and makes some unexpected friends, he must also confront his deep-seated racism and homophobia. Overwhelmed with moral questions, he starts to spiral out of control. 


Will Todd survive the war abroad only to lose the war within?


Crooked Fences is a fiercely honest story about a returning war veteran’s battle to overcome the debilitating effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression while confronting the hatred instilled in him by his father.


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Historical Fiction

An Uncommon Folk Rhapsody by C.J. Heigelmann- Think..."Cold Mountain meets The Color Purple"

Inspired by Historical Events




An epic American Civil War literary saga spanning cultures, continents and generations, exploring the intimate relationships between common folk of diverse cultures.


Shay is an orphan. A young Asian boy with no link to his past – except for a mysterious jade amulet – and no idea what fate has in store for his future. Not until an American merchant captain raises him to be a man, who becomes a valiant Union Army scout during the height of the American Civil War.

Across the oceans, a young girl is ripped from her homeland in Africa and tossed aboard a ship set sail for America. She is sold to an Alabama plantation like livestock; her name, her identity, and her life stripped from her. Now, she is considered nothing more than a slave.

When their two paths cross ten years later, they immediately intertwine, driven by a connection so strong it could only be forged by destiny. But love is forbidden, and darkness surrounds them. Written in the Antebellum tradition, the reader is invited to view the perspectives of each character and the decisions they make, leading to life, love or loss.

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Editorial Review

The brilliantly woven canvas upon which C.J. tells his story is heartbreaking and triumphant in the same breath.  Driven to tears one moment and crying out in joy the next, the reader will be forever touched by this eloquent story of love and survival amidst one of the darkest chapters in our nation’s history.  I implore all of you to curl up on the couch with a warm cup of tea or a nice glass of wine, clear your mind, and escape into An Uncommon Folk Rhapsody.


Terrie M. Scott


Terrie M. Scott has been an Editor for over 30 years, with a MFA from the College Conservatory of Music, UC. In 2012, she produced the independent film, “Through A Child’s Eyes,” about domestic violence. Terrie is also a decorated United States Army veteran and an author herself.