The war abroad. The war at home. The war inside.


The night of the ambush changes everything for Todd Goodson, a 26-year-old Marine from New York.

One moment, he is discussing tactics with his battle-weary squad in Afghanistan; the next, waking up in a military hospital alone and learning of the terrible outcome of his beloved comrades.


Now after returning home Todd tries to put the broken pieces of his life back together again as he looks to his loved ones for support. But family support alone will not cure his psychological condition or heal the deep wounds that never mended from his childhood.


He finds brief consolation when visiting a seriously wounded war buddy in Tennessee, and decides to accept a property Manager’s position over a low-income housing community.


However, Todd finds himself disturbed by his troubled ideals and becomes overwhelmed with moral questions as he self-medicates and spirals out of control. Will his conscience allow him to set aside his deep-seated racism and homophobia? Or will the enduring effects of war trigger him to take innocent lives before he self-destructs?


Crooked Fences is a fiercely honest and relevant story about a returning war veteran’s battle to overcome the debilitating effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression, while confronting the unethical ideologies instilled in him by his father.