Blog-The Poets Bay · April 05, 2018
This is a Blog featuring the poetry and prose of writers. Whether published or unpublished, ALL are welcome! Share your written word! Leave your website or blog address so readers can contact you. C.J. Heigelmann
Blog-Pulling Back the Layers · March 02, 2018
Share any questions or comments related to the Author's Notes section of the novel.
Blog-Pulling Back the Layers · March 02, 2018
A blog which discusses the many underwritten themes, storylines and layers of the novel; An Uncommon Folk Rhapsody, as well as their relevance and connection to the Human condition and evolution of Humanity. All are welcome to participate. No profanity or abusive language is allowed. Post any question or comment you desire for a particular chapter. Come and let us pull back the layers. C.J. Heigelmann
Blog-Pulling Back the Layers · February 28, 2018
Chapter 1 explores the subjects of depression, drug abuse, hopelessness, child abuse, bullying, adoption, class discrimination, racism, child labor, prostitution, fear, selflessness, love, grief, family support, social inequality, religion, immigrant workers.
Blog-Pulling Back the Layers · February 27, 2018
Chapter 2 explores the mentoring of children, anxiety, occupational retirement, sexual assault, sexual abuse, suicide, social class, social status, selflessness, religion, hope.
Blog-Pulling Back the Layers · February 26, 2018
Into the Abyss details the experiences aboard a slave ship bound for the United States, and illuminates the wretched conditions, physical, psychological and emotional trauma that slaves in history, as well as eye witnesses have testified of. It also invites the reader to view events through the perspective of Chimanda as she remains separated from her mother. The subject of dreams and their qualities are explored as well.
Blog-Pulling Back the Layers · February 25, 2018
Chapter 4 Stranger in a Strange Land follows Chimanda and the slave ship as it arrives in America. It also introduces Colonel Walters and his family and explores their history and traditions and brings two of the main characters of the novel together as Chimanda is renamed, "Victoria" and is purchased. Her indoctrination into slavery begins.
Blog-Pulling Back the Layers · February 24, 2018
Chapter 5-State of the Union begins with the American Civil War in progress and highlights sentiments of citizens in the North and South. The chapter explores factors which may have been contributing elements in the declaration of war and the destruction it brought with it. Shay and Victoria are both young adults now, and have both changed drastically.
Blog-Pulling Back the Layers · February 23, 2018
Chapter 6 War of Shadows. Shay is given a choice which will affect his life forever. Plantation life carries on, as a several characters are introduced.